To keep and increase the knowledge on the art of gilding is our work ethic.
That can be possible only co-operating with the customer,
listening to his questions and comments: keeping in mind the application and the final usage of the materials, we plan our production lines.


Masserini srl company continuously produces and tests its products; that’s why we can advise our customers on the best usage, technique and material they need.

The after-sale assistance is part of our history and the 360°experience we have acquired in this field in so many years of study and test, allows us to be not only suppliers but first of all gilding specialists for our customers.

This policy has allowed us to improve ourselves and develop our products.


We can offer also the possibility of supplying prototypes and samples of gilding projects made in our workshop according to the customer’s requirements.

If the customer shows which is the result he wants to obtain, we can put our knowledge and experience at his disposal and study the best solution for him.

Since many years ago we have been co-operating with artists, gilders, restorers, furniture manufacturers, architects, designers, marble-engravers and craftsmen of various fields.


During these years we can also offer our customers the opportunity to attend our courses of decoration with the gold leaf, both with imitation gold and genuine gold, according to the customer’s needs and wishes.